"Move Away From Lack, Limitation, Worry, Doubt, Fear...and Step into Your Greatness!"

Stepping Into Greatness Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Non Profit Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized is to meet the needs of persons seeking counseling, education, social and emotional resources in undeserved communities of the Los Angeles County. Stepping Into Greatness has been incorporated since May 6, 2005

Due to her passion to meet the needs of underprivileged individuals and families in underserved communities, Sharon R. Allen continued to use her personal savings to fund programs and humanitarians’ activities in her community of Los Angeles until 2010 when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

In the battle with cancer, she spent all her money treating herself, could not carry on with her vision of seeing that underprivileged individuals and families are adequately supported.

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  • Stepping into Greatness Inc. believes clients must be treated in a comprehensive manner with services that are intensive, and individualized. We integrate specialized needs-based intervention programs and mobilize resources, to meet educational, social, emotional and health needs in undeserved communities.
  • We envision “a society where underprivileged individuals and families have a support system that enables them to overcome limitations, gain stability in their lives and reach their fullest potentials.”

    • Our mission is to provide the highest level of confidential care and treatment for each client who enters our facility.
    • All Staff demonstrate professional, ethical, best practices, while working with clients in a direct and respectful manner.
    • We hope to create an enabling environment with support systems for underprivileged individuals and families to overcome life challenges, achieve independent living and become contributing members of society.

Homeless Man that needs your assistance. Kindly Donate to change his situation and uplift his standard of living.

We also reach out to families unable to create a special meal for themselves during festive periods. We also host homemade dinners at designated facilities and provide a Christmas dinner box to struggling families.

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty. We offer life-enriching activities to build the capacities of young people in our community.

Humanitarian Services

People need hope! Stepping Into Greatness Inc. is out to stand in that gap. It is our greatest aspiration to turn undeserved areas into thriving, flourishing communities. Whether it is providing clothing, shelter/housing services, feeding programs,…

Combat Addiction

According to the Center for Disease Control, every year more than 100 people die and more than 6,700 people visit the emergency room for treatment due to drug use. They say about 6,700 families - with moms, dads, and kids are disrupted by the…


Homelessness is a big issue in America due to a number of factors. This is why there are many struggling people sleeping on the streets, in cars, staying with family or friends temporarily, or frequently moving from residence to residence.Stepping…

Parenting - Equipping families

Stepping into Greatness Inc. provides a comprehensive case management evidence based system, to help families identify barriers to self-sufficiency (unemployment, insecure housing, lack of job skills, lack of childcare, etc.) and ways to address…

Fight Hunger

Stepping into Greatness Inc. provides nutritious meals to homeless individuals and families on the streets through our outreach program and also to children and young people enrolled in our after-school programs. We also reach out to families…

Youth Development

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty. We offer life-enriching activities to build the capacities of young people in our community.Stepping Into Greatness Inc. empowers youth in our community through: After-School Programs: This will give youth…

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